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Geotextil tray 90 x 90 x 45 450 litters

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Geotextil felt trays combine the benefits and aeration provided by Felt Pot brand products. Designed for both a decorative and professional environment, it can be transported and stored in a very small space. Made of high quality polyester that provides a high moisture balance and UV exposure, is sewn under a patented nylon thread system, which makes it exclusive.

Benefits: Zoning promotes a healthy growth of the roots, allowing an exponential development of the roots, since upon contact with air, a greater branching of the root system is originated, with the benefits that this entails.
It is reusable, and washable, just follow the manufacturer's instructions. Optimal drainage, allowing to filter the excess irrigation water. Due to its aeration, it allows a reduction in temperature, and a reduction in the absorption of solar radiation.

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