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Rhizopon Rooting Hormone 25 gr.

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With Rhizopon rooting hormone the cuttings will form better and more uniform roots in a shorter period of time. Rhizopon is composed of the following active ingredients : 3-indolylbutyric acid (3-IBA) 1-naphthylazijnzuur (1-NAA) 3-indolylacetic acid (3-IAA) contact system: - The end of the cutting is introduced 1-2 cm into the powder - It is removed, the excess dust is removed and then - the cutting is inserted into the propagation trays 104 or seed trays 150 (Plugin Pro) Immersion system: With the immersion method, the cuttings are totally submerged in the Rhizopon solution (4 grams per liter of water) for 24 hours. This long-term treatment must be submerged at the bottom of the cutting (1-2 cm below). 25g container Rhizopon Green Cutting Powder Chryzotop 0.25% 80 Grams QA: The handling of Rhizopon rooting hormones must be carried out with adequate protection. P280 The use of protective equipment is recommended: gloves, goggles, clothing and face protection P261 Avoid breathing dust P262 Avoid contact with eyes, skin Rhizopon have a slow release effect due to their composition, the so-called "slow release effect", which can produce a better result on a large number of crops than other treatments. Due to this delayed action it is an ideal treatment for cuttings that need to be transported for some time, or stored in a cold room. When working with Rhizopon, it is important to ensure that the powder is evenly distributed over the stem of the seedling. Avoid contact with the powdered leaves or other parts of the plant. This can cause damage.


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Rhizopon Rooting Hormone 25 gr.

Rhizopon Rooting Hormone 25 gr.

Rhizopon Rooting Hormone 25 gr.

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