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Perennial, woody plant, about 60 cm tall, very resistant, with blue-green leaves and yellow flowers. With a strong aroma and a bitter and spicy flavor, it is used sparingly as a condiment for salads and cheeses. It is used as an ornamental plant due to these characteristics, it is also used in sauces and in medicine. It should be used with caution, it can cause phytophototoxicity. Sow in spring. It is ideal to start your harvest before the flowering of the plant. In this way it will preserve the essential oils much better. Grow in a sunny place. The properties of rue are many, but those related to digestive problems, colic and anxiety stand out mainly. Learn about the main properties of rue below:[citation needed] Digestive: Because of this, rue facilitates digestive processes as it stimulates bile function. That is why it is highly recommended to drink rue leaf infusions to treat cases of constipation or digestive disorders. It is recommended to drink these infusions after meals. Antispasmodic: It is for this reason that rude is very useful to treat cases of stomach cramps, in the same way it is used to treat diarrhea. For these cases it is best to consume rude infusions. emmenagogue: Because of this, rude is used to reduce discomfort caused by menstruation. The consumption of rue reduces headaches and the feeling of irritability, typical of the menstrual period and premenstrual syndrome. It is also used in cases of amenorrhea. Sedative: Exerts a calming and relaxing effect, rue is used to reduce the sensation of pain in blows or injuries. In addition, the infusions of this plant reduce anxiety and nervousness. Circulatory: Rue can have very positive effects to tone arteries and normalize blood flow.


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